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The duration of a photo session depends on many factors, like the number of the people included and how much they cooperate…a good estimate is about an hour, anyway we are not on a schedule and we will take all the time we need to get good photos.

It’s usually best to schedule your children early in the day when they are not tired and are in a good mood.

For newborns, it’s better to schedule a photo session in their first two weeks, and it’s usually better if done while they are sleeping. They should be fed right before the photo
session, so that they can be in the best mood for the best photos…anyway, I am prepared to spend the double of time or even more for a newborn, in case they
extra nursing, cuddling, calming. Maternity sessions are best when done early in your last trimester, unless you’re expecting twins.


Simple is better! Solid colored clothing with a nice texture always photographs beautifully – try to avoid stripes, patterns and letters because they would be too distracting. Solids, jeans, Khakis are a good choice.  For group shots, try to coordinate your clothes.
If there’s any props that is particularly meaningful to your child/children and or to you, please feel free to bring it, it will give a more personal touch to our photographs and it will also help your child feel more at ease in my studio.  Heirloom blankets, stuffed animals, sports equipment, musical instruments…they are all welcome and they will make the photos more special.

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